Jerry Hall Files for Divorce From Rupert Murdoch

Jerry Hall Files for Divorce From Rupert Murdoch | Business

The model and actress filed for divorce on Friday, citing “irreconcilable differences” and seeking spousal support.

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House of the Dragon is a prequel series set two hundred years before Game of Thrones, centering on the House Targaryen and its infamous war of succession. It boasts a rich world, a solid cast, and a clear sense that it’s building towards something greater as it goes along. A worthy watch.

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The agency will receive $80 billion to hire new agents, modernize technology and expand enforcement as part of the new climate, health and tax law.

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In a span of 22 hours, 20 minutes, the Yankees experienced the emotional swings of jubilation and frustration as their slump continues.

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Shoppers concerns come in the face of "soaring cost-of-living and bleak economic prospects", says research.

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Retail sales have seen a reverse in fortunes with a 0.3% rise in July.

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Ricky Carmichael, Roger De Coster, Brad Lackey, Broc Glover, Ken Roczen and more talk the 50 year history of pro motocross in the U.S.

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The potential of this process is estimated to be about 2.5% of present global greenhouse gas emissions, or 10% of remaining emissions expected after 1050.

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Laura Osnes, star of "Bandstand," might soon take the witness stand.

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The Calgary Flames have made another big offseason splash, inking free-agent center Nazem Kadri to a seven-year contract.

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There were two news items this week that will have enormous impact on the fast changing landscape of college athletics- one you saw and one you may have missed.

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There are also three scare zones and 'Llorona: The Weeping Woman,' Scarecrow: The Reaping,' and 'Universal Horror Hotel' haunted houses.

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As the honored marque at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this year, Lincoln is celebrating by showing off a new concept that looks to where the brand might be going in the future, the L100.

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The proportion of under-30s spending a third of their pay on rent is at a five-year high, data suggests.

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While there are benefits to ending the week at home, Friday after work drinks could be fizzling out.

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A government expert body advising on the ethics of driverless cars warns of many tricky problems.

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Consumer confidence is at an all-time low in light of "acute concerns" about the soaring cost of living and bleak economic outlook, according to new research.

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The longtime leader of Boston's Irish-American mob was beaten to death in 2018.

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If Joshua has any chance against Usyk, he must turn their heavyweight title rematch into a brawl.

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Metal vessels like Hydro Flask’s are everywhere, offering guilt-free hydration—and deep embarrassment when they crash to the floor. ‘Children begin to cry, adults jump from pure fear.’

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Explosions erupted across Russia and Russian-occupied Ukraine on Thursday night as Ukrainian forces escalated their weeks-long campaign of deep strikes on Russian logistics and airfields.

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PFAS has been found in drinking water and in animals, and has been associated with thyroid disease, liver damage, high cholesterol and low birth weights.

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Riley Van Steward and B.o.B worked on this piece of pop surrealist portraiture for Forbes. B.o. B is going on tour with a live band on August 27th.

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The decision comes amid a tense fight between Starbucks and labour organisers.

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Former Manchester United director Michael Knighton is putting his own ambitions to buy the struggling club on hold to back Sir Jim Ratcliffe to become the new owner.

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A move away from opinion and back to news didn't have to mean killing off CNN's longest-running show. But the network's critics won.

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August 24 marks the sixth month anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The polls conducted over the past six months reveal some powerful continuities with attitudes from the past and one substantial change.

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The Daisy Edgar-Jones melodrama was the only big movie released this summer aimed explicitly at women.

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Scott Koondel’s Sox Entertainment has acquired global rights to Caroline’s Comedy Hour.

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The Justice Department argued a release would provide a "roadmap" to where its investigation is headed.

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Kohl’s Corp. today delivered results for the second quarter ended July 30 amid a weakening macro environment, limpid consumer spending and rampant inflation. But Michelle Gass, CEO of Kohl’s said the retailer's Sephora partnership is being rolled out to all 1,100-plus stores.

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While 78 percent of professional athletes go broke within 3-years of retirement, Flair is howling out his trademarked "WOOOOO!" in defiance of those statistics.

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Kanye West has been compared to the comedy 'Zoolander' after citing homeless people as one of his inspirations.

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Dispatches from Ukraine, provided by Forbes Ukraine’s editorial team.

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Trading in the retailer’s stock was turbulent after an investor disclosed a 10 percent stake, then indicated he wanted the ability to sell out.

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A successor to Starbucks is opening in Russia - with a similar logo, some customers may feel.

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A judge gave the company five days to bring back seven workers who were fired after their efforts to unionize a branch in Memphis.

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Here are the best new movies and shows available today on Netflix (along with every new piece of content you can expect this week).

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The Biden administration could stop funding vaccines, tests and treatments as soon as this fall, officials say.

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'Look Both Ways' stole the #1 spot from 'Day Shift' on Netflix's Top 10 list today.

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American Airlines’14,600 pilots are seeking a 20.4% pay raise over three years, as well as improved scheduling because “they’ve been running my pilots raged,” the pilot union’s recently elected president said Thursday.

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Co-owned by Russian rapper Timati, the menu features “frappuccitos” instead of Starbucks’ “frappucinos.”

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Administrators to a taxpayer-backed start-up which sold travel experiences featuring musicians such as Justin Bieber have laid off the bulk of its remaining UK workforce.

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Sales of existing homes dropped 5.9 percent last month from June, a slowdown that is expected to drag on the market for the rest of the year.

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Following the pandemic, visitors were just starting to return this summer to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, a naval museum that includes attractions such as Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory, when the cultural centre received its next blow.

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Chris Licht, the new chairman of CNN, has told employees that he was retooling the network’s programming.

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In Marvel's first half-hour sitcom, a woman struggles to pursue a legal career, while attempting to understand her newfound role as larger-than-life hulk.

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Los Angeles Chargers star Derwin James Jr. got what he wanted by skipping the majority of the team’s training camp practices: to become the top-paid safety in the NFL.

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I spoke with Adam Conover about his new show on Netflix, The G Word, and his experience working with former President Obama. We also chatted about what his creative process was like on his previous shows CollegeHumor and Adam Ruins Everything.

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The producer also discusses his friendship with lead actor Idris Elba and the pros and cons of filming in the wilds of South Africa.

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Before even meeting 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia' actor, creator, and producer Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds agree to buy a Welsh soccer club with him, Wrexham A.F.C. Reynolds and McElhenney desperately wanted to use their resources to help the fifth tier club get promoted to a better league.

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Ryan Blaney sits on the cusp of making NASCAR’s Playoffs for the sixth consecutive season. Having signed a long-term contract extension with Team Penske this week, should he not make the cut, he will have plenty of chances in the years ahead.

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St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said he is considering support for another large rate rise at the central bank’s policy meeting next month and added he isn’t ready to say the economy has seen the worst of the inflation surge.

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Lawyers representing 3M’s bankrupt Aearo Technologies subsidiary defended its request to extend a litigation stay to the parent company to resolve mass earplug lawsuits, saying such a move would be in line with other court rulings.

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Spanish league champions, FC Barcelona Femení have signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with Heura Foods in which plant-based foods will be promoted by the club's players and be made available in the women's team home stadium, Estadi Johan Cruyff.

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Beast is a tight 90-minute thriller about a family in jeopardy against a natural force that’s out for blood. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel (and at times is a little too simple), but it’s a decent survival thriller in a lean theatrical package, upheld by a talented set of performers.

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The Indiana Pacers 2022-23 schedule has been released, and it comes with its own challenges and quirks.

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The NFL appealed an earlier 6-game suspension that was widely panned for being too short given dozens of sexual misconduct allegations against Watson.

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The move comes after the company reported disappointing quarterly results and less than four months after the flying camera was launched.

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End of government underwriting of such medicines could lead to a windfall for drug makers.

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Allen Weisselberg, a longtime Trump Organization CFO, pleaded guilty to 15 criminal tax fraud charges on Thursday—admitting to conspiring in a scheme to avoid paying taxes on corporate benefits.