Green Hydrogen Made From Renewables Is A Step Closer Because Of The Inflation Reduction Act

Green Hydrogen Made From Renewables Is A Step Closer Because Of The Inflation Reduction Act | Business

Now that President Biden has signed the Inflation Reduction Act, it will kick in $369 billion for 21st Century energy and climate projects — ones that will benefit the hydrogen economy and domestic wind turbine and solar panel production.

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In a bold move, the Walt Disney Company forced Charlie Ergen’s DISH Network and Sling TV to pull down the signals of all of its cable networks, including ESPN, ACC and SEC Network.

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Dispatches from Ukraine.

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The filmmaker also discusses watching 'The Warriors' for the first time in decades as it approaches its 45th anniversary.

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The 28-year-old two-way superstar signed a one-year, $30 million contract extension to avoid arbitration.

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The company is fully covering "the costs associated with all the coverage," according to DeSantis, with the bulk of the coverage going to devastated Lee County.

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Denmark and Sweden are leading the multinational investigation into what happened to the gas pipes under the Baltic Sea, with both the West and Russia blaming sabotage.

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Subscribers to Dish Network’s satellite and streaming services no longer have access to channels owned by Disney, including ABC and ESPN, amid a disagreement over fees.

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The federal antitrust enforcer is investigating U.S. Anesthesia Partners, a private-equity-owned company that has built a large presence in Texas, Colorado and Florida.

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Tagovoila appeared to suffer a head injury Sunday but was cleared to re-enter that game and play Thursday, when he suffered another gruesome injury.

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On September 30, 2022, a suicide attack inside the Kaaj Educational Center in the Dasht-e-Barchi district of West Kabul, Afghanistan, has claimed the lives of over 35 girls and young women belonging to the Hazara community.

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Here are the best new movies and shows available today on Netflix (along with every new piece of content you can expect this week).

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Last month iSpot and 605 announced partnerships with Conviva to enhance cross-platform measurement & deduplication. Nielsen has been signing clients for their own cross platform measurement initiative.

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Desperate searches remain ongoing in storm-ravaged coastal regions, especially Lee County in southwestern Florida.

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"I remember Joel (Schumacher) was worried that I wasn't going to take the role because he knew I was a full-time student at film school. He called my mom and implored her to let me go do the movie. I wasn't even living at home. I wasn't 12..."

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Putin called the leaks "terror attacks" that will serve to help the West, but the ruptures come as Russia ramps up a pressure campaign to limit fuel to the West.

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A new concept argues that when inflation is caused by supply chain issues the Federal Reserve does not have to raise interest rates to bring inflations down. Rising interest rates risk throwing the economy into a recession.

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The Tamil-language action epic 'Ponniyin Selvan I' will earn around $4 million this weekend in just 510 theaters.

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Russia’s claim on Lyman, a key transit hub in eastern Ukraine, was short-lived.

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'The Woman King' had another fantastic hold as 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' passed $70 million domestic.

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Celebrated visual artist Diana Sinclair’s first solo exhibition is serving as the launchpad for Christie’s 3.0, the auction house’s new platform for on-chain NFT sales. Sinclair's latest work explores impermanence, the fluidity of life and the human relationship to time.

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The average price of a gallon of gas is up 4% over the last two weeks, but is still down 26% from June’s all-time high.

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The startup commercial-truck maker is setting more modest production expectations as its founder goes to court on securities-fraud charges.

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A leader by example, Charlie Morton will return to Atlanta in 2023 with a new $20 million deal with a one-year club option.

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Yesterday was an explosive episode of The Rings of Power, one that even a skeptic like me could appreciate after my interest had been slowly waning throughout the previous weeks.

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The Cleveland Guardians front office made some difficult decisions that were consequential to the team's great success.

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Naturally, when you think of Lucille Ball, the landmark I Love Lucy comes to mind.

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Upcoming Supreme Court cases could have big implications for businesses.

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Paris Saint Germain have devised a plan to stop Lionel Messi from rejoining FC Barcelona next summer.

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Early Saturday morning A’ja Wilson earned yet another MVP honor, this time as the best player in the 2022 FIBA Women’s World Cup.

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Recently-released data from the Energy Information Administration shows that by one measure, U.S. energy independence increased in 2021.

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The Manchester United manager has offered some public backing to his out of form captain.

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The internet, according to the ruling, “affected her mental health in a negative way and contributed to her death in a more than minimal way.”

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Manchester United will again insist on signing Frenkie de Jong from FC Barcelona.

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An injury hit FC Barcelona travel to Mallorca on Saturday looking to top La Liga with a win in their first game since catching a ravenous case of the 'FIFA virus'.

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The owners of Britain's second-biggest steel producer are seeking an urgent package of financial support from taxpayers amid renewed fears for thousands of industrial jobs in the north of England.

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In the face of mounting pressure, the Spanish Women's National Soccer Coach, Jorge Vilda, came out on the offensive after dropping all of the players who came out against him when announcing his latest international squad, saying "they have thrown the stone and hidden the hand."

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The Excavation of Hobb’s Barrow is an old-school point and click adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games that just released on PC and Mac for Steam and Good Old Games for $13.49.

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In the future, your choice of smartphone ecosystem—Android or iPhone—could determine which make and model of car you choose.

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The Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets agreed to a deal involving eight players, one draft pick, and a whole bunch of intricacies.

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The Washington Wizards reunited Monte Morris and Will Barton III with head coach Wes Unseld Jr. The continuity they share should help the Wizards find more stability both at the point guard position and with veteran knowhow and locker room presence.

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Star players of the mid-range era like Reggie Miller or Steve Kerr always come to mind, but even they still made a career for themselves worth recognizing without putting the league average numbers into perspective, like Derek Harper.

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The age-old ice breaker: “What would you do if you won the lottery?” has gotten a new twist throughout the remainder of the regular season.Now, the question asked around the office is: “What would you do if you caught the Judge or Pujols’ home run ball?”

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As we enter Week 4 of the NFL season, there have been plenty of storylines and takes on a team-to-team basis. League-wide however, there is one offensive trend that stands out against the rest: the Dolphins’ passing game.

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As the daughter of an Ecuadorian immigrant, Christina Aguilera has long honored her Latin roots since the start of her career with Spanish albums, covers of classic songs and collaborations with across the industry. Her latest, "No Es Que Te Extrañe," expands her musical range and honors her roots.

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The threat of a roster crunch may have gone from being a potential problem down the road to something that is already taking effect.

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Natural gas is set to flow through a new undersea pipeline between Norway and Poland after suspected sabotage devastated the Nord Stream pipelines.

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Nowadays, betting on sports has become more mainstream than the original taboo label placed upon it decades ago. What are the best NBA wagers to place heading into the 2022-23 season on win totals?

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Rail passengers have been urged to only travel if "absolutely necessary" today as members of four trade unions stage a 24-hour walkout.

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The Indianapolis Colts have the NFL’s most expensive offensive line. As of late, they're playing like one of the worst.

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If he can quickly adjust to the greater speed of the NBA game, Utah may have found a steal.

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The 2023 NBA Draft is expected to be one of the strongest crop of classes the Association’s talent evaluators have seen in five-plus years. Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson meet for the first appealing chapter next week.

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Moves to trim down European royal families have been made for some time. Denmark's iconoclastic Queen Margarethe just went about it in her own way — by fiat. That displeased her son Prince Joachim, whose children were affected. It backfired on the queen. Here, a right royal disaster explained.

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During the 2022 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts went all-in on providing help at a dire area. Alec Pierce and Jelani Woods are showing the gamble could be paying early dividends already.

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Alberta Premium Distillers, makers of some of the most highly-awarded bottles in the world, have launched a label of all-Canadian high rye.

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Nate Diaz didn’t say he was done in the UFC after he submitted Tony Ferguson last month, but the money appears to be coming elsewhere in his near future.

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More content distribution, more live events and more participatory youth programs are part of the NBA's plan to further its growth in Japan. But historically, making deep inroads has been a challenge.

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Today, the Premier Hockey Federation announced scrimmages and exhibition games for all seven teams beginning today.

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Restrictions on where shops in England can display junk food come into effect today.