How To Evolve Your Growing Company's Culture

How To Evolve Your Growing Company's Culture | Tech

Company culture can be as difficult to grasp as it is important to foster.

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How to solve today's Wordle #470 for Sunday, October 2nd.

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Here's today's 'Heardle' song, along with some hints.

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It's the first Sunday of the spooky season, and there's a brand new Wordle. But if you've used all your brain cells this week and are struggling with today's puzzle, never fear — we're here to help every day.If you just want the answer, you can jump straight to the end of this article for October 2's Wordle solution. If you'd rather work thro ...

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Anyone who's gotten stuck in an unwanted group text knows how terrible it can be. Your phone blows up uncontrollably, and all you can do is hope the thread eventually quiets down.Luckily, Apple added support way back in iOS 8 to easily remove yourself from an iMessage Group, and it's still here in iOS 16.Android finally started offering an iMessage ...

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The world's first scanner capable of detecting skin cancer invisible to the human eye has been invented to improve diagnosis and speed up surgery.

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The new browser-based game, Circuit Breaker, is described by its creator, the artist known as Sutu, as “Mad Max meets Tron in a cyberpunk speedrun game set in the world of NEONZ.”

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Elon Musk unveiled prototype versions of Tesla's Optimus robot at Tesla's AI Day 2022 event on Friday. They were, well, definitely robots. At the top of his speech, he offered this disclaimer: "I do want to set some expectations with respect to our Optimus robot. As you know, last year it was just a person in a robot suit. But, we've come a long wa ...

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Have you noticed that the more time goes on, the more we use our phones to stop people from connecting to us? If my phone rings at all, I can be pretty certain it isn’t anyone who knows me calling.The same has become true of texts, which arrive with enormous frequency, usually trying get me to sell my house (which I can guarantee they were no ...

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Meta, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are legally to blame for the death of 14-year-old Molly Russell, according to the senior coroner at the coroner’s court of North London. The ruling concerning Russell, who died as a result of self-harm in November 2017, came on Friday, Sept. 30.A British coroner is a figure with broad authorit ...

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Netflix’s newest true crime series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, is a dramatization of the life and crimes of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. From 1978 to 1991, Dahmer murdered 17 young boys and men before being arrested in 1992. The drama follows Dahmer, his victims and their families as well as the many preventab ...

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The goal, Musk said, is “a fundamental transformation for civilization as we know it” at what Musk guessed would be a very reasonable cost: under $20,000.

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Bronx-raised Dr. Miriam Levitt Flisser was nominated by the Republican Party to run in New York’s Congressional District 16. Her photo would definitely appear under the term 'Achieving the American Dream.'

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Will Apple skip launching the new MacBook Pro laptops? Why would Tim Cook decide this is the best way to sell the MacOS hardware? And what does it say about the new role of the Mac platform in Apple’s portfolio?

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No time like the present! U.S. bank regulators should require robust climate change measurements and disclosures from all large and regional banks. Their safety and soundness is critical to the U.S. financial system.

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If you were a kid raised on movies and TV, you're in good company, for better or worse. And if, like Strong Female Character author Hanna Flint, you were raised by on-screen representations that either didn't reflect you and your experiences or made a harmful mess of it, step right this way. A film critic, pop culture commentator, and feminist of m ...

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Bruce Willis may have retired from acting, but he will live on in future films thanks to deepfake technology. According to The Telegraph, the actor has sold his rights for future films and advertising campaigns to Deepcake, a company that creates "digital twins" of famous folks for use in commercial projects.It's the same kind of tech used in the S ...

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Remember the viral ice bucket challenge? Normal folks and celebs dumped huge buckets of ice-cold water on their heads in 2014, donated money to the ALS Association, and challenged others to join in, too. Mark Zuckerberg challenged Bill Gates, Gates challenged Ryan Seacrest, and Seacrest chucked a tiny hotel room ice bucket over his head, donated a ...

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Now that the new Apple Watch models are out, companies are shipping new bands for any fashion sense. Here are the top picks for Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch SE 2022.Some of our favorite Apple Watch bandsApple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and the second-generation Apple Watch SE at its "Far Out" ...

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Perhaps lessons can be learned on how to cope with the current Ugandan crisis from a British obstetrician’s account of what it was like to be a doctor on the front lines of an unfolding Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone in 2014 while struggling to save the lives of expectant mothers and their babies.

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Social media has become an extremely effective propaganda tool for the spread of information - but also misinformation and even disinformation.

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Sonos's new, more affordable subwoofer is designed to boost the low frequencies on your existing speakers. We've tested it the last few weeks to see if it earns its place in the Sonos lineup.Sonos Sub MiniWe've been expecting the Sonos Sub Mini for months. It was rumored to launch earlier this year, but various setbacks pushed the release to the fa ...

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I’ve spent the last few weeks playing what is essentially another full playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077. Here's what I found.

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Fans can now directly purchase voice lines from broadcast talent instead of having to buy loot boxes with a tiny chance of getting them.

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The Walking Dead is about to start the final part of its eleventh season tomorrow, the last season of the show before it fractures into at least three different spin-offs starring a bunch of main characters going to differe...

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The uncertainty of being led on in a relationship can set you back in many ways. Here’s how to sweep away the crumbs.

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Elon Musk showed off a working prototype of the Optimus robot at Tesla AI Day 2022, claiming it will cost under $20,000. Synchronized twerking with Musk was not involved.

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Depending on your platform, you can log into the Tower, the main social hub of Destiny 2, and find it takes an interminably long time to do even the most basic of tasks, looking at your gear, changing shaders, changing transmog pieces, even bringing up the Destination map.

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September is always Apple's busiest month, and this time it shook up the Apple Watch, showed the world how the notch should be done, and left last year's processor in the iPhone 14.Apple has come a long way since Steve Jobs would name a product by picking from a list his PR firm suggested. You wouldn't be surprised now if you learned that there was ...

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After a brief theatrical tour, Blonde has now hit Netflix, the NC-17 look at the life of Marilyn Monroe that has been panned by critics and shunned by audiences alike.

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Continuity Camera will arrive in macOS Ventura soon, and it includes visual effects to improve background and lighting of live video. Here's how to use it.Continuity Camera iPhone webcamApple first introduced Continuity Camera with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. It lets users insert photos and scans into documents on their Mac from an iPhone or iPad. Rea ...

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Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, Twitter keeps on going, buddy. It is a never-ending, always-updating beast of a social platform. You cannot stop it.So, anyway, people tweeted this week. They tweeted a lot. And, as per usual, we collected the absolute best and funniest posts and compiled them into one curated list. You're welco ...

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The need to learn how to save the world from an asteroid might seem like a no-brainer, but planetary defense missions have had a hard time gaining government support — deemed too expensive for years. Planetary scientist Andrew Cheng, who works at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, put the D in NASA's DART mission, the key t ...

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Saturday's best deals include up to 31% off Samsung's The Terrace outdoor TV, $105 off an xTool laser engraver, up to 35% off eero mesh Wi-Fi 6 systems, and much more.Best Deals for October 1Every day, AppleInsider searches online retailers to find offers and discounts on items including Apple hardware, upgrades, smart TVs, and accessories. We comp ...

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Health insurance companies that are big players in Medicare Advantage, including Humana, CVS Health’s Aetna unit, UnitedHealth Group and Cigna are launching popular plans in several new states and hundreds of new counties for 2023.

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This week’s Current Climate, which every Saturday brings you the latest news about the business of sustainability.

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Start building your Kiriko skin collection for free.

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Hubble sometimes gets a bad rap as being inferior to the new James Webb Space Telescope. But it's not inferior, they're just designed to view different things in the cosmos. A spiral galaxy 29 million light-years from Earth showcases their different abilities. The European Space Agency (ESA) released two views of galaxy IC 5332, found in the Sculpt ...

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If you have the first-generation of AirPods Pro, a new feature could be coming soon.

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Seeking a shiver down your spine? Hankering for a rush of adrenaline? Frantic for a flush across your cheeks? All you need to satisfy that urge for excitement is a Hulu subscription. Whatever kind of thrill you're seeking, Hulu has got you covered with a library full of twisted tales of love, creepy creature features, dark laughs, mind-snapping cri ...

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Hurricane scientists and research meteorologists are intensively studying how storms like the powerful and historic Hurricane Ian are impacted by the warming globe. Some impacts of climate change are certain — such as more rain, flooding, and storm surge. Others are being investigated, and Hurricane Ian will add to the sum of this growing sci ...

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So, what's everyone been watching this week? Hmmmm?Just to get a sense of what everyone's streaming, we've used data from streaming aggregator Reelgood, which gathers viewership numbers from hundreds of streaming services in the U.S. and UK. Each week, the most streamed TV shows and movies come down to a few elements — sheer buzz, a big final ...

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TL;DR: As of Oct. 1, you can get the UV Manual Brush Set for just $99.99 instead of $144.99 — that's a 31% discount.There’s a lot more to brushing your teeth than just keeping your smile shiny. Gum disease can actually lead to heart problems later in life, but it’s avoidable if you take care of those pearly whites. Luckily that do ...

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TL;DR: As of Oct. 1, you can get the Viatek Smart Touch Trash and Vacuum Cleaner for just $199.99 instead of $249.99 — that's a 20% discount.Big powerful vacuums have their place, but so do more compact cleaners that work great for the smaller areas. If you’re trying to keep your office clean, you may not want to clutter your space with ...

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TL;DR: As of Oct. 1, you can get the XC Security Camera with Hub Plus Two Door Sensors for $56.99 instead of $79.99, or just get the camera for $29.99 instead of $59.99. Security cameras may be able to do more for your home security than you think. A survey of 422 actual burglars found that 60% of them would find a new target if a home had sec ...

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TL;DR: As of Oct. 1, you can get the Professional CompTIA Exam Certification Prep Bundle for just $34.99 instead of $1,600 — that's a 97% discount.The IT industry is still growing, and some projections predict 178,000 new tech jobs by the end of 2022. That’s promising for hopeful tech workers, but actually getting in the door at your fi ...

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TL;DR: As of Oct. 1, you can get the Lifetime Subscription to PoweredTemplate Unlimited Plan for just $79.99 instead of $995 — that's a 91% discount.Microsoft and Adobe are two software giants used by billions of people. If you’re in marketing or design, you may have gotten used to seeing similar templates, graph and chart styles, and o ...

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If you’ve ever worn a pair of Allbirds, you’ll know they can’t be beaten for comfort. And now, there’s a new leather alternative that uses rice hulls and citrus peels.

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Impressively high scores for the latest iPhone 14 Pro

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Microsoft confirmed on September 30 that two Exchange Server zero-day vulnerabilities are being exploited by likely state-sponsored attackers.

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Some Quordles are brain-busters, some are less challenging than remember what you had for lunch yesterday. Some, like today's are in-between.If it's a little too challenging, you've come to the right place for hints. There aren't just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and there it is. But are you sure yo ...

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Overwatch 2 is almost here, at long last.

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Overwatch 2 will finally arrive on October 4. Here's how to get ready to play as soon as possible.

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This ain't ultra-good news considering that ultra-processed food and beverages now consist of over half of the calories that Americans consume.

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A lifetime Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 2021 license is discounted by 86% for a limited time only, delivering the best deal available on the suite of tools for Apple users.Save 86% on Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 2021 for a limited time only.The Microsoft Office for Mac deal, which is hosted by StackCommerce, knocks 86% off ...

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Ever heard the phrase "Everything old is new again?" For whatever reason, we tend to have a nostalgic soft spot for aesthetics that seem to transport us to another time period. Whether it's clothing or home design, style just comes in waves every few decades or so, and retro kitchen appliances are no exception.Why are retro mini-fridges popular?Lik ...

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Some hints and the solution for today's 'Quordle' are just ahead.

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That’s nine months down, three to go for 2022.

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Here's today's 'Heardle' song, along with some hints.

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October is here, and to kick off the spooky season there's a brand new Wordle. But if you've used all your brain cells this week and are struggling with today's puzzle, never fear — we're here to help every day.If you just want the answer, you can jump straight to the end of this article for October 1's Wordle solution. If you'd rather work t ...

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Hurricane Ian made landfall in South Carolina at 2:05 p.m. ET Friday near the city of Georgetown on Winyah Bay — marking the official start of the storm's second major assault on the U.S. mainland. Some damage was immediately visible, with at least two piers collapsing into the sea. The magnitude of the encroaching ocean has already made hist ...