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Pandas are famously picky eaters. They only consume bamboo -- a poor quality diet low in fat.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 | Europe

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic has lost his appeal against the Australian government's decision to cancel his visa for a second time.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 | Europe

A tsunami has hit Tonga and reportedly sent waves flooding into the capital after an underwater volcano in the South Pacific erupted.

Source: | 16. 01. 2022 | Europe

Novak Djokovic has been placed back in detention by Australian authorities after his visa was revoked for a second time. Follow here for live updates.

Source: | 14. 01. 2022 | Europe

North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile toward the country's east, according to South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Source: | 07. 01. 2022 | Europe

Dozens of protesters were killed and hundreds injured during clashes in Kazakhstan, a police official from the largest city Almaty said Thursday, as troops from a Russian-led military alliance of post-Soviet states begin their operations in the Central Asian country to help quell the unrest.

Source: | 03. 01. 2022 | Europe

Seven states in Malaysia were hit by floods on Sunday and thousands of people were evacuated, taking the total affected by heavy rain in the past two weeks to more than 125,000, the National Disaster Management Agency said.

Source: | 26. 12. 2021 | Europe

At least 30 people, including women and children, were killed in the eastern Myanmar state of Kayah on Friday, according to the Karenni Human Rights Group, with two members of international humanitarian group Save the Children still missing.

Source: | 24. 12. 2021 | Europe

Former President of Afghanistan says international community must begin to work with the Taliban.

Source: | 24. 12. 2021 | Europe

Japan will not send any senior officials or Cabinet ministers to the Beijing Winter Olympics in February, the government said Friday -- but stopped short of calling the decision a diplomatic boycott.

Source: | 21. 12. 2021 | Europe

Read CNN's Kim Jong Un Fast Facts to learn more about the leader of North Korea.

Source: | 14. 12. 2021 | Europe

South Korea will soon roll out a pilot project to use artificial intelligence, facial recognition and thousands of CCTV cameras to track the movement of people infected with the coronavirus, despite concerns about the invasion of privacy.

Source: | 09. 12. 2021 | Europe

A Hong Kong court found three prominent pro-democracy activists guilty on Thursday of unauthorized assembly over a June 4 vigil last year to mark Beijing's 1989 crackdown on protesters in and around Tiananmen Square.

Source: | 09. 12. 2021 | Europe

New Zealand plans to outlaw smoking for the next generation so they will never be legally able to buy tobacco in the country.

Source: | 06. 12. 2021 | Europe

Little is known about the potential dangers posed by the Omicron coronavirus variant but concern over its spread is already threatening to wreck reopening plans in Asia-Pacific.

Source: | 03. 12. 2021 | Europe

The unexpected appearance of an alleged Chinese submarine in the Taiwan Strait this week has highlighted the dangers posed by the frequent presence of military vessels in the narrow waterway, which analysts warn could ultimately spark an unintended conflict.

Source: | 03. 12. 2021 | Europe

Driving through a snow-capped mountain pass, the young mother huddles together with her six children in the backseat of a car after leaving their makeshift camp in northwestern Afghanistan.

Source: | 28. 11. 2021 | Europe

Japan plans to add $6.75 billion to its already record annual military spending in a rush to bolster air and maritime defenses as it becomes more concerned about threats posed by China and North Korea.

Source: | 20. 11. 2021 | Europe

Three construction workers have died after scaffolding collapsed in northern Taiwan on Saturday, Taiwan's official Central News Agency (CNA) reported.

Source: | 16. 11. 2021 | Europe

Six arrest warrants have been issued in Thailand as a result of CNN's investigation into a scam that saw millions of fake and second-hand medical gloves sold to American companies, as demand for the product worldwide surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: | 14. 11. 2021 | Europe

Schools in India's capital Delhi -- often ranked as one of the world's most polluted capitals -- will be physically closed for a week from Monday as severe air pollution blankets the city, the chief minister of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, said Saturday.

Source: | 11. 11. 2021 | Europe

The United States stepped up its campaign against corruption in Cambodia on Wednesday, issuing an advisory to US businesses and blacklisting two government officials accused of scheming to profit from construction work at the Southeast Asian country's biggest naval base.

Source: | 10. 11. 2021 | Europe

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, was faced with unexpected comments as she addressed the nation -- not from the opposition, or from an angry citizen, but from her 3-year-old daughter, who interrupted her during a Facebook livestream.

Source: | 10. 11. 2021 | Europe

A delegation of United States lawmakers arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday sparking immediate condemnation from China, with Beijing describing the trip as an "act of provocation."

Source: | 09. 11. 2021 | Europe

China's military has constructed mock-ups in the shape of a US Navy aircraft carrier and US warships, possibly for target practice, in the desert of Xinjiang, according to Maxar satellite images reviewed by the independent United States Naval Institute (USNI).

Source: | 04. 11. 2021 | Europe

At least 20 people were killed and 30 wounded in blasts at Afghanistan's biggest military hospital on Tuesday, according to officials.

Source: | 03. 11. 2021 | Europe

An investigation by the Philippines' rights commission into the killings in President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has found that dozens of people were shot in the head, chest and abdomen, suggesting an intent to kill, it said on Tuesday.

Source: | 02. 11. 2021 | Europe

The South Pacific island nation of Tonga went into lockdown on Tuesday, following the discovery of the country's first Covid case since the start of the pandemic.

Source: | 02. 11. 2021 | Europe

A US nuclear-powered submarine that struck an underwater object in early October had hit an uncharted underwater mountain, an investigation found, forcing it to head from the South China Sea to Guam for repairs.

Source: | 02. 11. 2021 | Europe

From Australia to South Korea and across Asia Pacific, the final bastions of "zero Covid" are easing restrictions and opening borders as the region prepares to live with the virus -- except for one major holdout.

Source: | 01. 11. 2021 | Europe

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's ruling LDP defied expectations and held on to a stable majority in Sunday's parliamentary election, solidifying his position in a fractious party and allowing him to ramp up stimulus.

Source: | 01. 11. 2021 | Europe

A man has been arrested by Tokyo police after brandishing a knife and starting a fire on a moving train in the Japanese capital on Sunday, the country's public broadcaster NHK reported.

Source: | 30. 10. 2021 | Europe

India is going into the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland with a strong message for wealthy nations: get your house in order first when it comes to increasing climate action.

Source: | 30. 10. 2021 | Europe

Fortuna Cools is offering an affordable alternative to polystyrene coolers that it says is better for the environment, and for food producers working within tight profit margins.

Source: | 30. 10. 2021 | Europe

Thai police have indicted a company alleging it exported millions of substandard, soiled and reused medical gloves to US distributors as demand for the product worldwide surged during the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement came days after a CNN investigation exposed the practice.

Source: | 28. 10. 2021 | Europe

Since their discovery, the ancestry of hundreds of mummified bodies buried in boats in an inhospitable desert region of northwest China has divided archaeologists.

Source: | 28. 10. 2021 | Europe

The leader of Taiwan, the island thrust into the center of rising tensions between the United States and China, said the threat from Beijing is growing "every day," as for the first time she confirmed the presence of American troops on Taiwanese soil.

Source: | 27. 10. 2021 | Europe

Myanmar's ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi testified in court on Tuesday for the first time since she was overthrown in a military coup.

Source: | 26. 10. 2021 | Europe

Source: | 24. 10. 2021 | Europe

A 6.5-magnitude quake has struck Taiwan, according to preliminary data from the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).


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